Crossfit Enapay provides the best training and environment to cultivate your growth and gains.

The Mission

Our mission is to love our brothers and sisters by providing a service of lifelong wellness. We are committed to serving our community by providing a standard of health and fitness of the utmost honor.

Core values






The Team


Stuart Stark

Co-Owner | Head Coach

CF-L2 | Aerobic Capacity

Stu has been involved in the CrossFit community since 2013! He spent around a year and a half doing personal training until he got his CF-L1 in 2015. Later in 2015 he decided to take the plunge and open CrossFit Enapay.


Since then he has continued his education by attending the Aerobic Capacity course in 2017 and CF-L2 in 2018. He is a man of few words but when he speaks it is full of value. 

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Amber Stark

Co-Owner | Coach

CF-L1 | Weightlifting L1 | PN L1


Amber has been using the CrossFit methodology since 2014. Once Stu decided to open Enapay in the fall of 2015, she got her CF-L1 in the spring of 2016. Since then she has also gotten her Olympic Weightlifting certification and Precision Nutrition L1. Amber truly enjoys helping people perfect their Olympic lifts and the nutrition plan meant for them.

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Seth Maggard


CF-L1 | Weightlifting L1

Seth is a proud husband and a father of two kids. He has been practicing CrossFit since 2017, and began coaching in October of 2019. CrossFit has changed his life. Seth lost weight and sickness, and he gained a healthy lifestyle when he joined CrossFit. Best of all Seth says "I have a community of friends at CrossFit Enapay to share in fitness with but also anything else that might come my way." His desire is to help others navigate their fitness journey and be a positive influence so that they might improve their overall health and well-being.

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Amber Whittington



Amber joined CrossFit Enapay when she was just 16-years-old. Since then, her passion for CrossFit, fitness, and overall wellness has only grown. In July of 2020 she got her CF-L1 and has found profound meaning and fulfillment through coaching. She loves pushing people to be the best they can be and seeing them achieve things that they never thought possible. Amber hopes to make a positive difference in people's lives, just one workout at a time!

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